What is spring water?

Spring water is often cited as the best source of water to drink and it is certainly my water of choice, hands down.  So what is spring water?

Spring water is a magical gift.  At this time, when so much ground water is polluted, it is truly wonderful to still be able to access such pristine, structured drinking water as is freely offered to us by aquifer-fed springs.


Spring water has been drawn up the soil from the water table below and, once it can no higher, pops out as a spring.

Where does spring water come from?

Spring water comes from a unique and amazing process whereby the water table is drawn back up through the soil until it can’t go any higher.  At that point it pops out of the soil and we have what we recognize as a spring.  But how does it travel up through the soil in the first place?

The soil is made up of all of the decaying products of the vegetation growing in it and as this falls and is broken down by mushrooms and oxygen and micro-organisms, the soil takes on the exact structure of bark, containing little spiral tubules within it.

Just as the bark of a tree is able to draw water up itself to the branches and leaves above, so the soil, via these spiral tubules, draws up the water from the water table below its surface.

In this process, which can take hundreds or thousands of years to complete, the water is micro-filtered, sometimes even passing through layers of rock on its upward journey.  In doing so, the spring water also absorbs a huge variety of minerals, but all in liquid form – a form that our bodies can absorb and use easily.

Spring water for youth and longevity!

This “levitational” quality of spring water also explains its ability to keep us youthful.  Gravity is the nemesis of youth and vitality, but in order for us to stand upright or for a tree to grow, its opposite force – levity – also has to exist.  So it would make sense, therefore, that in order to stay youthful we need to increase our intake of levitational water.


Consuming edible plants growing near springs is a great way to maintain youth and longevity.

Edible plants growing around the spring would have this same quality and should be eaten whenever possible!

Find a spring near you!

If you want to track down a spring near you, visit  Water should be collected and stored in glass jars if possible, rather than in plastic containers.  Keeping this water out of natural light will also prolong its beneficial properties.

Restructure your water

If you can’t find a natural spring close enough to you then it is possible to recreate the structure of water with a living water system.

Spiralled copper pipes are attached to the water supply and restructure the water flowing into the house

Spiralled copper pipes are attached to the water supply and restructure the water flowing into the house

Specialized spiral copper pipes are attached to the mains water supply and mimic how water moves within springs and rivers.  This restructures the water as it does so.  Simpler, portable vortex funnels and jugs are also available and perform the same function.  Visit for details.

This restructuring makes the water more bioavailable to the body – in other words your body can use it a whole lot more efficiently.  This process also increases the level of dissolved oxygen in the water and reduces contamination too.

For more information on structured water an interesting site to visit is  This site discusses the work of Viktor Schauberger, the leading authority on structured water.

And an amazing DVD on the miraculous properties of structured water is:-

Water – The Great Mystery, by Saida Medvedeva.  Highly recommend it.

Jump in!


Come on in, the water’s lovely!

And if you are lucky enough to find a pool of pure spring water deep enough to jump into, then DO IT!  I used to be a real wimp about getting into cold water, but now I love it! Nothing has the ability to rejuvenate in quite the same way as a plunge into wild, living water – so enjoy!

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below.  Or if you would just like to share details of the spring you get your water from, I would love to hear from you!




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